Edict of Soul

You cannot make me small.

I will not be a version of me that makes you comfortable.

You don’t get to dictate my experience, or my reality.


You cannot bully me into changing my way of Being.

I will not censor my bigness, my strength, my push or my caring heart.

You don’t get to demand I behave in a way that keeps you contained.


You cannot make me ashamed.

I will not wear your avoidance on my heart, and your blind spots in my mind.

You don’t get to put your undigested experience on me.


You cannot make me dim my light.

I will not be nice, sweet, amenable, tempered, delicate or agreeable on your terms.

You don’t get to own parts of me, you don’t get to make me wrong.


I am big.

I have big feelings.

I have an even bigger heart.

I am here to care.

I am here to change.

I am here to cultivate, challenge, and crumble that which is veiling the truth.


I am intense.

I am sensitive.

I have a strong ass Soul.

I am here to ruffle feathers.

I am here to love.

I am here to ask the hard questions, not here to please.


I am self-aware.

I am constantly flowing between leaning in and falling back.

I am learning where to push and where to surrender.

I am finding my own answers and inviting others to find their own too.


I am ME.

The me that aligns with MY Soul.

The me that says what needs to be said.

The me that doesn’t break when someone shoots an arrow.

The me that stands tall in my purpose when my integrity is questioned.

The me that can love and be disturbed, and stay faithful in the unknown.


I am not here to convince anyone.

I am not here to give you the answers.

I am a wayshower, and I lead by example.

I am a light bringer, and I shine in the darkest of moments.

I am a lover, and I love through witnessing and recognizing beauty in all the ways.

Author ~ Lindsay Knazan

Conversations With Liberation

 Sometimes there are lots of people, sometimes there are few. 
The only thing that matters is that you are the most YOU.
Show up and grow up,
Ascend and Transcend.
The glory is in the connection,
Between two students, two humans, two friends.
There is no power like presence,
To see and be seen.
To behold the truth in our hearts,
And all the scars that lie in between.
We are exposed in the light of truth,
Bare naked and stripped of all veils.
Seeing from this place brings wonder, curiosity,
And blows apart the fairy tales.
Children as open vessels, we long to reclaim this way.
To be wide open and overcome by simple joy,
Oh this is truly play!
And so, we continue, collecting consciousness and reclaiming
Piece by peace unifying,
Story by story slowly dying.
Our freedom is born in the light of truth, the spark of joy
Liberation ascends within, clearing tired energies that have
been ruminating.
Awareness, compassion and love unify our humanness,
Many hearts - many souls, free, sacred and luminous.
~Lindsay Knazan


Oh my dear sweet child.

Rest yourself here in my arms, my embrace.

I’ve got you.

Lay your burden down. As the tears fall,

So too the shroud of sorrow that surrounds and casts shadows over your radiance.

Give me your heart and I will return you to


Give me your grieving heart and I will bring the solace of self-compassion.

Give me your love and I will restore your faith.

For your holy heart is worthy of pure love, the love that can only pierce through when

I  am  present  in  you.

So know my dear one, that I am inside of you: you are me, and your heart song is my voice through your being. And so, your sorrows are also mine – I hold you close as you float in the river of tears – I am your river banks and the current that washes it clean again.

I am a part,

And you are the WHOLE

When we are united.

goddess~Lindsay Knazan

A Humble Currency

A soft pillow, beckoning me to lay my head down-
I feel the rest calling.
She whispers sweetly as if to say:

“Come now sweet soul, and lay your burden down.
What in you can surrender to receive? Your mind? Body? Your heart? Soul?
What in you can believe in giving and receiving as a form of caring currency and let go of the tit for tat?
Who are you when you receive? Can your heart take on a new dimension as Love & Trust build themselves into each life offering heartbeat?

Then a pull from the earth herself, beckoning me to offer my heart forward-

I feel the gift of giving is within me.

She whispers softly as if to say:

“Come now fierce One, and open your heart to it all.
What in you can offer yourself up to the joy of generosity?
What in you can surrender the bounds of your body, mind and stories to let your heart expand beyond to something bigger than you?
Who are you when your heart is full of offering?

She speaks more firmly now, and commands:

Go NOW, and BE that which opens you fully. Then be sure to stay open. Give. Receive, and invest your heart stocks in this humble currency. It will create in you a wealthy soul.”

The generosity emerging in my heart feels delicately dangerous and simultaneously liberating. I am learning that when we allow people to help us, when we can take in the support of a caring soul, we truly learn to receive. As we CAN receive, we become able to GIVE too. It seems these are not mutually exclusive-but rather-they are married skills. This humble currency is the most surefire investment of your life. Like a boomerang, what you spend from your Heart will always come back to you: As we receive, we give…as we give, we receive.


Now this sounds so simple, and yet, I have found it to be a great challenge in my life. I feel as I learn to receive, it’s as though I am thawing, melting away years of un-trust woven through my being; an intricate suit of armor that has kept the love stuck inside. It feels so lonely locked in that suit and stuck, unable to share the vast love in my heart. As the armor liquefies, I find my heart is growing like the Grinch’s, expanding as each layer of self-protection drops away.


So often people give (gift) us things, for example a compliment. When we redirect it back to them without acknowledging it- we are neither receiving, nor are we giving in that moment: we are stealing. We are taking away the generosity, the care and forethought of the person’s giving of it and we are negating the vulnerability and the love that is required to have given it authentically in the first place. When we can’t absorb it and we reject it in this way (albeit unconsciously for many of us), we are in fact stealing the experience of the gift both from ourselves and from the giver. Yeeps, that sounds un-fun doesn’t it? I find it is much easier to practice saying ‘Thank you’-even when I can’t fully take it in. Listening and not immediately bouncing it back has been a huge step towards acceptance for me. Listening, hearing and allowing without altering is part of our great practice isn’t it?

This post is dedicated to my dear friends J & J, whose honesty, friendship and humble gifts inspired my sharing this post. You are gems my elephant friends.

From my FierceHeart to yours~

The Abyss

owl-1As I fall into the darkness I reach out and find a hand—

A hand I recognize as my own.

Am I alone in this Abyss?

I call out to the shadow of Darkness surrounding me, and the black silence provides my affirmation.

This desolation–this vastness– seems to be where I begin.

This is where ‘I Am’ slumbers, equanimous and deep in its’ existence; never changing or disengaging regardless of the blips of arrival and quick departures from my ‘Self.’

Presence is meeting my hand in the dark.

Presence is feeling the aloneness of these fingertips meeting the cold and unknowing-Trusting the warm touch of Truth as I make my way towards the light.

‘I AM’ stands alone. I AM is not afraid of the dark.

I AM is present in every shadow and every sun beam.


~Lindsay Knazan Dec 2016