Edict of Soul

You cannot make me small.

I will not be a version of me that makes you comfortable.

You don’t get to dictate my experience, or my reality.


You cannot bully me into changing my way of Being.

I will not censor my bigness, my strength, my push or my caring heart.

You don’t get to demand I behave in a way that keeps you contained.


You cannot make me ashamed.

I will not wear your avoidance on my heart, and your blind spots in my mind.

You don’t get to put your undigested experience on me.


You cannot make me dim my light.

I will not be nice, sweet, amenable, tempered, delicate or agreeable on your terms.

You don’t get to own parts of me, you don’t get to make me wrong.


I am big.

I have big feelings.

I have an even bigger heart.

I am here to care.

I am here to change.

I am here to cultivate, challenge, and crumble that which is veiling the truth.


I am intense.

I am sensitive.

I have a strong ass Soul.

I am here to ruffle feathers.

I am here to love.

I am here to ask the hard questions, not here to please.


I am self-aware.

I am constantly flowing between leaning in and falling back.

I am learning where to push and where to surrender.

I am finding my own answers and inviting others to find their own too.


I am ME.

The me that aligns with MY Soul.

The me that says what needs to be said.

The me that doesn’t break when someone shoots an arrow.

The me that stands tall in my purpose when my integrity is questioned.

The me that can love and be disturbed, and stay faithful in the unknown.


I am not here to convince anyone.

I am not here to give you the answers.

I am a wayshower, and I lead by example.

I am a light bringer, and I shine in the darkest of moments.

I am a lover, and I love through witnessing and recognizing beauty in all the ways.

Author ~ Lindsay Knazan

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